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I have been building for as long as I can remember.  First wooden blocks. Then Legos.  My ability to visualize how things fit together and the end result enhanced my building speed.  Before my age hit double digits, I could assemble newly purchased kits in less than thirty minutes. Computers became my next great adventure.  Games, city construction, even designing doll clothes for my sister, consumed my spare time.  However, my 3D graphics interest was ignited as a freshman in high school.  The 2D graphics I had previously made on computers were soon replaced with the abundant possibilities of 3D graphics and animation.  Finally, I could channel my ability to envision the world in three dimensions into art.  

While attaining my degree in animation, I quickly discovered that modeling objects and structures spoke to my passion.  After graduation, I interned for BNSF, a railroad company, creating 3D modeled railroad parts for the railroad conductor degree program.  Also, I have created graphics for mobile games.  My true artistic streak emerged with the availability of a 3D printer.  I had the tools, not only, to model virtually any object or jewelry that I could envision but print them in many different types of materials.  Creating beauty, whimsy and the bizarre became my passion.  

I am excited to launch my company, Euclidean Entities LLC, to bring imagination and unique expression to life.